Here is a light description of some of our favorite treats. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Level 1 Treats Lesson: 1 1/2 hrs

Lemon Bread – made with a sprinkle of zest and handful of nuts. This “loaf-cake” will satisfy that sweet/tart craving. 


Pumpkin Bread– made with pumpkin puree and walnuts. This “loaf-cake” will put a smile on any jack-o'-lantern.


Zucchini Bread – made with freshly grated zucchini and a ton of nuts. This moist “loaf-cake” will turn the most hardened veggie-phobe.


Crêpe – made with eggs, flour, et le sucre. These light pancakes can be made any way you like. Oooh la la!


Ginger Pound Cake – made with freshly grated ginger. This sweet “loaf-cake” will make you pound for more.


Jam Squares – made with a shortbread base and patchwork top. These jam sensations will patch a hole in your sweet tooth.


Krispie Treats – made with puffed rice cereal. These chewy treats never fail to satisfy. The caramelized version has a great nutty flavor.


Chocolate Fudge Brownies– made any way you like, but filled with chocolate. These will satisfy most chocoholics.


Level 2 Treats Lesson: 2 1/2 hrs 

Carrot Cake – made with “veggie love” using freshly grated carrots. This moist cake will knock your top off. 


Cheese Cake – made with cream cheese and has a cinnamon graham crust. This New York style cheesecake will have you singing on Broadway.


Noir Cake - made with the darkest chocolate in and out. This ultra-chocolate cake is so inticing, you'll be caught eating it in the dark.


Devil’s Food Cake – made with the best combination of chocolate and marshmallow. This cake will burn a place in your heart. 


Apple Sour Cream Tart – made with apples swimming in sweet cream and topped with sugar crumb peak. This tart will make you think regular apple pie is really “old fashioned”.


Pecan Tart – made with piles of pecans. This creamy-sweet tart is sure to deliver some Southern comfort and charm the pants off of you.


Raspberry Tart – made with a nutty crust and dotted with fresh raspberries. This tart is berrylicious and refreshing.


Egg-Free Butter Cookies (Frosted) – made with the simplest of ingredients. These cookies may look simple but they are undeniably addictive.


Ultimate chocolate Chip Cookies – made with chocolate disks. These winning cookies are best when you let the dough rest. Trust us when we say they are worth the wait!  Frozen “pucks” can be made for those unexpected guests.


Cranberry Pecan Biscotti – made with crunchy pecans and tart cranberries. These twice baked Italian cookies are "deliziosi"! 


Level 3 Treats Lesson: 3 1/2 hours

Chocolate Bark – made with tempered chocolate of your choice. You can create endless combinations of dried fruits, spices, and/or nuts.


Coconut Bon-Bons – made with coconut and blended with creamy goodness. These treats are enrobed in chocolate and will remind you of a certain candy bar that makes you "feel like a nut".


Date-Coconut Pyramids – made with nature’s “candy”. These chocolate covered treats should be added to the Wonders of the World list too.


Peanut Butter Cups – made with peanut butter and enrobed in chocolate. We prove this combination was always meant to be together.


Truffles – made simply chocolate and cream. These unstructured mounds will be quickly discovered!


Meringue – made with egg whites and sugar. These whipped delights will melt in your mouth.


Pain au Chocolat –  made with layers of buttery pasty and filled with chocolate. These croissants sont magnifiques!


Croissants – made with a sinful amount of butter. These flaky French pastries will have you saying “bonjour” in no time.


Kringle – made by layering pasty with nuts, butter and sugar, and topped with a drizzle of glaze. This pastry rivals the traditional Danish.


Chocolate Salted Caramels – made with chocolate, swirled to perfection and topped with fleur de sel. These caramels are dangerous to have around, you might not be able to stop eating them.


Maple Sugar Candy – made with pure maple syrup, or as we say “liquid gold”, These candies will save you a trip to Vermont.