We want you to have a successful baking experience and to gain te skills and confidence you need to DIY bake without our help. 


Ingredients of a "Lesson":

  1. One 'irresistible treat" recipe.
  2. Ingredients and special baking equipment are provided.
  3. Help through the baking process and tips on recreating it again.
  4. You keep what you make.
  5. Tips on how to package/display your treats for your event.


Level 1 Treats Lesson: 1 1/2 hrs


Breads - Sweet "Loaf" Cakes




Level 2 Treats Lesson: 2 1/2 hrs




Cookies - excluding meringue


Level 3 Treats Lesson: 3 1/2 hours

Candy Making


Meringue Cookies





Rates vary due to ingredients, equipment, time, and location. Some treats require multiple steps involving more time and potentially more ingredients than other recipes.


Rates may vary according to decoration and packaging desired.


We will work with your budget and can offer variations on the services. For example, you may have all the equipment and ingredients, all you need is a helping hand. We would simply charge you an hourly rate for our service.


Please Note: Lessons are only available in Manhattan, New York. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Lesson Level 1

Rates range from $50-$100/session


Lesson Level 2:  

Rates range from $75-$125/session


Lesson Level 3:  

Rates range from $75-$150/session